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South Dakota's Regemental Combat Teams.

Welcome to the 196th Regimental Combat Team Web site
The 196th RCT was organized in South Dakota on Sep 22, 1946 and commanded by Col Kenneth R Scurr. It's first annual training was held at Cp Rapid, SD in 1948. In 1949 the unit went to Cp Ripley, MN for annual training.

Korean War Maps.

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Maps from Billy C. Mossman, Ebb and Flow: November 1950-July 1951 (Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, 1990) 
East Central Asia 
The Battlefront, 23 November 1950 
Battle of the Ch'ongch'on, 25-28 November 1950 
The X Corps Zone, 26 November 1950 
5th and 7th Marines at Yudam-ni, 27 November 1950 
The 31st RCT East of the Reservoir, 27 November 1950 
Battle of the Changjin Reservoir, 27-29 November 1950 
Battle of the Ch'ongch'on, 28 November-i December 1950 
The 2d Infantry Division at Kunu-ri, 29-30 November 1950 
Concentration at Hagaru-ri, 1-4 December 1950 
Withdrawal From the Reservoir, 6-11 December 1950 
Eighth Army Withdrawal, 1-23 December 1950 
X Corps Evacuation Plan 
Enemy Third Phase Offensive, the Opening Effort, 26 December 1950-1 January 1951 
Withdrawal to Line D, I and X Corps, 4-7 January 1951 
NK 11 Corps and V Corps Attacks, 7-22 January 1951 
Operation THUNDERBOLT, 25-31 January 1951 
Operation ROUNDUP, the X Corps Plan, 4 February 1951. 
Operation THUNDERBOLT, 1-] 1 February 1951 
Operation ROUNDUP, 5-11 February 1951 
Battle for Hoengsong, 11-13 February 1951 
Chip'yong-ni, 13-14 February 1951 
Defending the Wonju Line, 13-18 February 1951 
Operation KILLER, 20 February-6 March 1951 
Operation RIPPER, Western Front, 6-31 March 1951 
Operation RIPPER, Eastern Front, 6-31 March 1951 
Operation COURAGEOUS, 22-28 March 1951 
The RUGGED and DAUNTLESS Operations, Western Front, 1-22 April 1951 
The RUGGED and DAUNTLESS Operations, Eastern Front, 1-22 April 1951 
Hwach'on Dam, 9-11 April 1951 
The Chinese Spring Offensive, the Main Effort, 22-30 April 1951 
The Eastern Front, 22-24 April 1951 
The British 29th Brigade Sector, 25 April 1951 
Battle Below the Soyang, 16-20 May 1951 
38th Infantry and Task Force Zebra Positions, 16 May 1951 
Eighth Army Advance, 20 May- 1 July 1951