In Memory of
U.S. Army Corporal O’Kreek, South Dakota
Todd County

July 19, 1928 - September 2, 1951
Died of Injuries Sustained in an Accident in Germany

Ben Denver Night Pipe was born in O’ Kreek, South Dakota,on July 19, 1928 to Clarence and Winnie (Prue) Night Pipe. Ben had nine sisters and one brother. Before he entered the service, he worked as a ranch hand for Chester Weaver near Carter.

On November 11, 1953, Ben Night Pipe was drafted in the U.S. Army and entered active service at Sioux Falls. He was trained and sent overseas to Germany on July 3, 1951. Corporal Night Pipe was part of Company A, 17th Armored Engineering Battalion, 7th Army.

According to a newspaper account, while stationed in Germany, on September 2, 1951, Corporal Ben Night Pipe was critically injured when he fell and struck his head on cobblestones while at the Baumholder Armored Force Training Group Camp in the French Zone. Night Pipe was first treated at the camp’s dispensary and then was evacuated to the Army’s hospital in Frankfurt, but he died before they got him there.

The body of Corporal Ben Night Pipe was returned to the United States, and he was buried with military honors at St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery near O’Kreek.

Respectfully submitted by Miranda Reed, 8th Grade, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota, July 20, 2004. The South Dakota National Guard Museum, the Huronite and Daily Plainsman, September 5, 1951, issue, and an application for a SD veteran’s bonus provided information for this entry. Additional information and profile approval by Velma Reifel, sister.