In Memory of
U.S. Army Private First Class Huron, South Dakota
Beadle County

April 1, 1931 – September 1, 1951
Died of Cerebral Aneurism at Fort Benning, Georgia

James Marlowe Waldron was born in Huron, South Dakota, on April 1, 1931, to Mr. James K. and Mrs. Esther Adaline Waldron. James had a brother, Wayne, and a sister, Barbara. James went through grade school and high school in Huron, graduating high school with the class of 1949. He was a member of the SD National Guard. According to his brother, Wayne, James was interested in cars and liked to work on his “hot-rod car.” Before he entered the service, James worked for an oil company in Huron.

James Marlowe Waldron, as a member of the South Dakota National Guard, was called up for active duty on September 1, 1950, and left for duty on September 10, first stationed at Camp Carson, Colorado, where he was first hospitalized for a time and then released. In early August of 1951, Pfc. Waldron was transferred to duty at Fort Benning, Georgia, as a member of Company E, 30th Infantry Regiment

On September 2, 1951, Private First Class James Marlowe Waldron died of a cerebral aneurism at the Army hospital at Fort Benning. His body was returned to South Dakota with military escort, and he was buried with military honors at Riverside Cemetery in Huron.

Pfc. Waldron was survived by his mother, Esther Conrad, his father, James Waldron, a brother, Wayne, and a sister, Barbara.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Chantelle Rae Janke, 8th grade, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota on July 30, 2004. The Huronite and Daily Plainsman from September 7, 1951, and an application for a SD veteran’s bonus provided information for this entry. Additional information and profile approval provided by Wayne Waldron, brother, Huron.