In Memory of
U.S. Army Private First Class White, South Dakota
Brookings County

January 26, 1927 – October 14, 1952
Killed in Action in Korea

Marvin Glenn Van Ningen was born in White, South Dakota, on January 26, 1927, to Mr. William and Mrs. Irene Van Ningen. Marvin had a sister, Evelyn (Anderson). He was educated in country school, Oak Lake District #61. In the years following, Marvin farmed with his father near White. Marvin Glenn Van Ningen was married to Geneva C. Wycoff of Sioux Falls on November 30, 1951, in Laverne, Minnesota, the same day he reported for active duty.

Marvin Glenn Van Ningen was drafted into the U.S Army on November 29, 1951. He reported for duty the next day at Sioux Falls and was sent to the reception center at Fort Sheridan, Illinois before being sent to basic training in the infantry at Fort Riley, Kansas. He returned home once for a short leave at the end of 1951, and then again in April of 1952, after completing his basic training. Shortly after that, on May 2, 1952, he reported back to duty at Fort Lawton, Seattle, Washington, and was sent overseas, arriving first in Japan and then in Korea on June 2, 1952, as a part of Company A, 31st “Polar Bear” Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division.

On October 14, 1952, Private First Class Marvin Van Ningen was killed in action while his company was fighting the enemy near Kumhaw, North Korea. His body was later returned to the United States, arriving in Sioux Falls in early February of 1953 and buried with military honors presumably at the cemetery near White.

This entry was respectfully submitted by Chantelle Rae Janke, 8th grade, Spearfish Middle School, Spearfish, South Dakota on August 1, 2004. The White Leader from December 4, 1952, and February 12, 1953, the Toronto Herald from December 11, 1952, and February 19, 1953, and an application for a SD veteran’s bonus provided information for this entry. Photo and profile approval by Carol Anderson, Aurora, niece.